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Individual client services

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The foundation of our Individual Client services is grounded in income tax preparation.  However, there is so much more we can do for you as our client.  Not only can we assist you with your annual filing of income taxes, we can offer you strategic tax planning services, personal financial consulting and even represent you in front of any federal or state tax authority. 

Our services include:

  • Income tax services & IRS representation—We can cut through the legislation and work with you to prepare an accurate and timely filed tax return each and every year.
  • E-File—Your documents are captured securely and electronically and sent back to you the same way. Fast, efficient and environmentally friendly!
  • Tax planning—We can provide you with the additional tax planning required to overcome any situation you may experience during the current tax year.
  • Personal financial statements—Whether you need the statement to obtain a mortgage or just want to know your net worth, we can prepare a personal financial statement on your behalf.