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Income tax services

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We are experienced in all areas of business income tax preparation and have a working knowledge of the tax code. Whether you are a Corporation, S-Corporation, Partnership, LLC or LLP, we can cut through the legislation and work with your business to prepare an accurate and timely filed business income tax return each and every year. We use the latest technology and keep up with constant change in tax law to help us accomplish this.  In addition, we can assist you in complying with any other type of tax that comes your way. Whether it be complying with payroll taxes, sales taxes or any other miscellaneous tax requirement that you are required to file.

IRS representation

We can represent you and your company, on your behalf, in front of the Internal Revenue Service or any state revenue department. Whether it is taking care of non-compliance notices or a much dreaded audit of your tax return, we can be there to advise and guide you through the process and help resolve any issue quickly and professionally.