Mike Castro

Michael G. Castro, CPA - Partner

Mike started working in public accounting at the tender age of 5. His first job was tearing out tax forms out of those old paper tax booklets for his father for a $.01 per page. The rest, as they say, is history.

Mike attended Assumption College in Worcester, MA, where he received a BA in Accounting and a minor in Political science (just for fun). During that time, he continued to work at his father’s firm during school breaks but primarily worked as a food service manager. A totally different job from the world of public accounting, but the experience he gained in working with various people (customers, vendors, employees, etc.) with varying needs was just as valuable an education as getting his debits to equal his credits.

After college, he went to work for Wald & Ingle, PC., a small CPA firm in Boston. The experience he gained there was invaluable. He spent approximately 7 years there before he started his own firm, Michael G. Castro, CPA, PC. The experience of running one’s own firm was invaluable, but the opportunity arose in 2008 to join the firm he had worked for so many years before and his firmed merged with Castro, Thresher & Oliveira at the beginning of 2009. Since then, he continues to thoroughly enjoy every minute of his career and gain invaluable experience.